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Low class Warrior by Artigas
Low class Warrior

This one represents my take on the lower class warriors, largely normal worker class people who afford their own war gear and go to war only when the king needs them.

The Equipment is basic but high quality, as you can expect from them dwarves. A sturdy helmet for withstanding heavy blows from above, all covered in runes, a pair of steel toed boots for deflecting rocks in dark tunnels and knocking goblin teeth, a sturdy reinforced sleeveless Dwarven maille shirt and a padded and strong Aketon. The rest of the armor is composed of hard boiled thick leather panels, all of them finely decorated, of course. The only shine of precious metals here are from a silver belt buckle and a little golden crest in the helmet’s forehead.

This one chose to invest a good deal of his money in an arsenal tough. His primary weapon is a very nasty war mattock and he also carries a one handed Axe and a cleaver style sword. The sword is made of fine dwarven steel and fitted with brass parts all over. A simple and sturdy killing tool.

Some other noticeable details are the metal and hard leater reinforcements on the gloves and boots and the leather fastenings in his beard, a very inexpensive and popular solution among hard workers and also a classic.

Winter Dwarf by Artigas
Winter Dwarf
A very very old Illustration that was lying around unfinished. I decided to bring it to light anyway.
Dwarven Warriors by Artigas
Dwarven Warriors

I'm working on my designing and rendering skills lately, and I intend to focus on one theme at a time. The first theme I am working on is Dwarves, so you can expect to see a whole lot o them here.

The idea here is to portrait two different castes of warriors, one noble one and one of a much lower class.

The historical references for the dwarven culture that I am using is basically a blend of Islamic, Indu and Japanese cultures, and of course the angular aesthetics established mainly in the LOTR movies, with some other ideas taken from the latter Hobbit movies.

The first warrior displays a lot of gold and many fine weapons, as well as a heavy golden chain. The mask is much less heavy than the ones you will see in the first and second ages, but still carries some of the basic visual traits. The second warrior is clad in a less expensive gear consisting in a basic plain vest of dwarven maille (still higher quality than anything available to humans) that is sure always expensive so the vest doesnt even have sleeves and is shorter in length. The other protections are mostly padded and studded leather and also thick boiled leather plates. He of course also invested the better part of his funds in a solid dwarven steel helmet, the best he can buy, because if you are a dwarf you would expect a lot of blows coming from above. The golden crest piece that I portrait in every dwarven helmet is something that I imagine to be like a plate with the clans name and status carved in very artistically written runes that are women into each other much like Arabic artistic calligraphy. This is the reason for even a humble low class warrior to invest in a golden plated one. The gloves and boots are reinforced worker gear, and the axe is a fine but basic dwarven weapon. He also carry a shield to compensate for the lack of a heavier armor.

It was done with my trusted Noodlers fountain pens and watercolors, with some retouches in PS.

Dain's Army Warrior by Artigas
Dain's Army Warrior
A sketch for an illustration that I'm planning about Dain's host.
This one is a common soldier, not one of the richest but no less fierce. And he is wielding a Mattock :D
Iron Hills Dwarves by Artigas
Iron Hills Dwarves
I've been doing some studies about  Iron Hills Dwarves, following the loose guidelines we have from The Hobbit book.

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